ansi-748-evmsDoD Adopts the EVMS ANSI Standard. On August 17, 1999, Dr. Jack Gansler, USD(A&T) signed a memorandum announcing that DoD adopted the ANSI EVMS Standard for use on defense acquisitions. The memo directs members of his staff to make the necessary changes to acquisition policy and guidance. Dr. Gansler also sent a letter to Mr. Peter McCloskey, President of the Electronic Industries Association, informing him of the adoption. In the letter, Dr. Gansler said "now industry, not government, has assumed primary responsibility for defining the atrributes of effective project management." The Defense Standardization Office issued an adoption notice (view html/Word document) and is making the standard available through the DoD Single Stock Point in Philadelphia. Instructions are available on how to obtain documents through the DoD Single Stock Point.

The ANSI standard on Earned Value Management System guidelines was revised in 2002 with a new identification number "ANSI/EIA-748-A-1998 (R2002)." You can order copies from Global Engineering Documents by calling  800-854-7179  800-854-7179 or  303-397-7956  303-397-7956 .
The EVMS guidelines incorporate best business practices for program management systems that have proven to provide strong benefits for program or enterprise planning and control. The processes include integration of program scope, schedule, and cost objectives, establishment of a baseline plan for accomplishment of program objectives, and use of earned value techniques for performance measurement during the execution of a program. The system provides a sound basis for problem identification, corrective actions, and management re-planning as required.

The guidelines in this document are purposely high level and goal oriented as they are intended to state the qualities and operational considerations of an integrated management system using earned value analysis methods without mandating detail system characteristics. Different companies must have the flexibility to establish and apply a management system that suits their management style and business environment. The system must, first and foremost, meet company needs and good business practices.

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