Earned Value Management Software Offers SolutionsPrimavera's P6 Analytics EVM Software Answers The Question "What Am I Getting For My Money?"

Your company has just won the account of a lifetime. This new multimillion dollar account is projected to keep your company in the black for years to come. However, before you can bask in the glory, management has come to you with the task of designing a cost effective project management system. You accept the challenge with gusto, because you know you have the best EVM software on the market with Primavera's P6 Analytics EVM Software. This software has helped you design several different cost cutting project management systems in the past. Therefore, you know that the software will be able to help you with this task.

The purpose behind Primavera's P6 Analytics EVM software is to enable the user to design a project management system that combines cost and schedule performance. The program answers the age old business question of, “what did I get for my money?” The software is able to do this be assigning an “earn” value to completed projects. The earned value is than compared to the actual and planned costs. This will determine the projects overall performance, predicted costs and performance trends. This format lets you analyze scheduled performance and cost performance under the same terms.

What makes Primavera's P6 Analytics EVM software revolutionary, is the project management materials that come with the program. Working with the different project management materials will help the project leader look at every aspect of the project. When you take such an in-depth look, you will see the entire scope of the project. When you are able to see the entire project scope you will be able to deal with milestones or any problems attached with the project. The software provides you with templates for different scheduling formats, gnat charts, milestone charts, resource charts and summary charts.

This hypothesis has become the basis behind several different direct marketing programs. Using this Primavera's P6 Analytics EVM software philosophy, project managers have been able to determine the true cost for running their programs. This is done by taking the overall cost for running the program, and comparing it against the response and conversion rates. This will let you determine the cost per program. Because of this methodology, direct response is one of the only marketing and advertising channels that can answer the question “what am I getting for my money?”

Mid-State Solutions offers Oracle Primavera Software Training and Consulting for all business types and for all project sizes.  Visit Mid-State Solutions to download a free report about the key features and benefits of Primavera's P6 Analytics for your project management needs.

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